Red Matter 2 picks up right where the first game’s story concluded. After breaking free from the simulation that held your own mind hostage,
your first priority is to escape the Atlantic Union’s base. However, you unexpectedly discover a distress signal belonging to an old friend.
Determined to come to his rescue, you will travel to the farthest reaches of the solar system to find him.
During your journey you will unveil Volgravia’s darkest secrets and confront the unstoppable Red Matter.
Red Matter 2 introduces new mechanics to expand the existing gameplay into the adventure genre. Not only will you face brand new and challenging puzzles,
but thanks to a new jetpack you will be able to traverse the game’s environments more freely than ever before through platforming sections.
A new tool has been added to the classic loadout that will enable you to hack terminals, as well as a (projectile) weapon that will prove useful in various environmental puzzles
and come well in handy when dealing with certain ‘surprises’ that you’re sure to face during your adventures.