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Vee: Here’s the 2nd clue with the 6-Digit sequence for the #VIVEPORTAL Venue to save the future of humanity.

I’ve figured out the first number is 2 and the second number is 5, but the rest I’m not sure… *Sirius* stands above the crowd, proud of his own radiance *Arcturus* shows a sign of discontent at such arrogance *Rigil Kentaurus* is brighter than Arcturus but shows approval *Sirius* reaffirms his status of being the one above all *Arcturus* hushes the crowd, saying that the true king of this apparent magnitude has come *The Sun* then enters the room, outranking them all Jordan Snowe keeps telling me, “Remember – insights from the past should not be forgotten.” Not sure what that means, but I think these numbers are also some kind of location coordinates. Good luck!